Several years ago, shortly after being hired at CLM, I ventured over to a local retail store on my lunch hour. As I walked down the aisle and approached one of the young male employees he must have noticed my CLM lapel pin which led to him telling me how much he appreciated the help he received from a counselor when he was very young. His mother took him to CLM and now he is doing great holding a full time job. I responded by saying how much I appreciated him appreciating that how at a young age he could be helped and his willingness to share his experience regarding the help he received from CLM.

Fast forward many years later, there have been others who have come forward to share their story which can make a world of difference for others now in treatment or considering getting help. If you would like to hear more about CLM success stories and storytelling, you can go to our annual reports section of this site and hear from other consumers in their own voice.